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Finally, Revelation's End Times Roadmap Is Plain

Discover...how two keys Jesus taught unlock Biblical prophecies of End Times timeline so you can finally know what's coming—even before the Rapture

Don't Be Confused By Bible Prophecy Another Minute!

Bible prophecy video Breakthrough teaching video! What are the two overlooked keys in the hard sayings of Jesus? Leave traditional "anything goes" allegorical interpretations behind that disregard Jesus' only statement on how to interpret Scripture correctly. Learn these keys of Jesus in this free video...
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What the 66% Who Believe Jesus Will Return in 2007 Don't Know But Should

An Ipsos poll says that 25 percent of adults believe it is at least somewhat likely that Jesus Christ will return to Earth in 2007. Of white evangelical Christian adults it's 66%. Want to know why Jesus won't come in 2007, before most find out in Jan 1, 2008? »»

Iran in Bible Prophecy

Iran is always in the news today making threats against Israel and the USA, but Bible prophecy already tells us if Iran's threats will succeed. Ahmadinejad's plan to wipe Israel off the map with nuclear weapons will backfire and cause his own people to flee Iran. It's the next prophecy to be fulfilled and may affect everyone who depends on the flow of Middle East oil through the Strait of Hormuz. »»

Daniel's Timeline Ends in 2017?

DanielsTimeline.com teaches that Jesus the Messiah will return 2016 according to an interesting twist on Daniel's prophecy and other verses. Are its assumptions sound? »»

Confirmation of the Covenant: Who is "He"?

Which Christ confirms the covenant in Daniel 9:27 for seven years, Jesus or Antichrist?

Asteroid Apofiz Can Collide With Earth in 2029

Asteroid Apofiz-99942 could collide with earth in 2029 according to a Russian scientist. Could this happen and fulfill Wormwood of Revelation 8? »»

The "Abomination of Desolation" Identified At Last

This strange sounding phrase is the only visible sign that Jesus gave us for identifying we are in the 70th Week of Daniel. Find out what the "abomination that makes desolate" is.

Ten Reasons We Are The Last Generation

Jesus in the Bible spoke of a generation that would not pass before all things are fulfilled that usher in the End of this Age. They are the Last Generation. Are we them? Is Daniel's End Times unsealed? What are the warning signs of end times scenarios?'

Damascus' Destruction In Bible Prophecy

Last Chance to Visit Damascus? The unfulfilled Isaiah 17 (and other chapters) is about to unfold in the Middle East...why this current war between Israel and Lebanon because of Hezbollah (supported by Syria and Iran) is not it, yet.

Rapture Timing Unlocked By Two Overlooked Statements of Jesus

When will the Rapture happen? Most timelines for the Book of Revelation in the end times are wrong. Same goes for any outline Book of Revelation, Why? Find out the two Bible verses of difficult words of Jesus that contain two major keys to unlocking Revelation's roadmap including the timing of the rapture (plus a lot more)--two Bible verses that every Christian is taught incorrectly.

The Mark of the Beast and How To Avoid It Today

What will the Mark of the Beast be and will they be able to force it on you? What choices do you have now and when that day comes? Is this End Times phrophecy already upon us?

God's Name: LORD, Yahweh, Yahveh, YHWH, YHVH, Jehovah or Yehovah?

Why is LORD sometimes replaced with YHWH or Yahweh by people? Why is everybody suddenly replacing God's name when Old Testament Prophets and the Jews used them?

Asteroids in the Bible

There are thousands of asteroids with Earth-crossing orbits which one day could threaten us with disaster. Does the Bible shed any light on this? Will they bring Apocalypse or an emergency survival Armageddon?

Why Preterism is False

Preterism holds that prophecies such as the destruction of Jerusalem, the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, and the Day of the Lord were fulfilled AD 70 when the Roman general Titus sacked Jerusalem and destroyed the Jewish Temple. Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

How A Millionaire Mind Helps You to Understand Bible Prophecy

If you want to understand Bible prophecy, you need to develop a certain mindset, the same mindset that self-made millionaires tend to possess. A lesson from history's greatest fighter pilot and millionaires today illustrates it.

The Real ID - A National ID or Mark of the Beast?

Irvin Baxter has been raising awareness in 2006 of the Real ID Act which requires all U.S. citizens to receive a real ID card by May, 2008, for fear it could be related to the Mark of the Beast.

Why Nothing Will Happen Happened on June 6th, 2006 (6-6-6)

June 6th 2006 was a much-feared or at least much-watched date. Find out why nothing prophetic happened on that day and what day we should have been watching instead...

The Red Heifer

The ashes of the red heifer are required by the Torah to cleanse the Levitical priesthood for Temple work. Do we have the red heifer needed for the Third Temple construction yet?

The Da Vinci Code Truth

On May 19th the most anticipated movie of the 2006 was released worldwide. The Da Vinci Code, staring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard, is based upon the best-selling novel that has over 45 million copies in print. Its thrilling plot puts a murder in the silent after-hour halls of the Louvre museum. Behind the murder is an ancient conspiracy that could cripple the church and rock the foundation of society

Avian Bird Flu Protection

There's an invincible weapon against disease and infection--a cure-it-all remedy that kills any virus it comes in contact with. That includes the most feared biological agents like anthrax, ebola, and H5N1 (the infamous bird flu virus). No known germ has ever managed to develop a resistance to it. It is proven to wipe out cancer cells without harming healthy cells, and it clears plaque-clogged arteries like a charm.

Identifying the Antichrist

The Bible describes a future one world government leader ruling for the last 42 months of these End Times. Among the many End Time prophecies about the Antichrist, is Revelation 13. Learn the true identity of the antichrist from Revelation 13's clues including 666, and see if he is alive today.

What Year is the Rapture?

Is the rapture in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, or sometime after the year 2012? Can we know for sure either way? Yes, I believe we can both know for sure when it's not scripturally possible and predict which calendar year it will be off the many scriptural timing clues. Also is the Revelation Scripture text to be taken literally or allegorically?

The 6000 Year Timeline Dilemma

Does the Bible teach a 6000 year timeline from creation to Messiah's reign? Yet, aren't the 6000 years from creation already past by most everyone's chronology? What year was creation?

Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans: God's Judgment for Gaza? (Bible Prophecy)

Some answers as to why this catastrophe happened to New Orleans and why now. Was it really a judgment from God? Also Hurricane Wilma how hit Florida pre-empted another homosexual festival.

The 144,000, Elijah and You: The Mystery of Disunity Resolved

Finally, a "plainterpretation" of the 144,000 and their mission..and what understanding them and their unity tells us about our disunity today. What is the missing key to unity among Bible believers today?

Gaza Pullout: Is the Disengagement In The Bible..and What Will Follow?

Perplexed by Israel's Disengagement from Gaza and the West Bank? Is Sharon a bad man, a villain for "giving away the Promised Land", trading "land for peace?"...

"Times of the Gentiles" Fulfilled When?

After reading Jim Bramlett's speculation on the "Times of the Gentiles" possibly ending in 2005 I had a nagging feeling that there was a key verse missing in his analysis, so I got to thinking...

10th Planet Xena / 2003 UB313: End Times Significance?

While the scientific world debates the definition of a planet in response to the discovery of 2003 UB313 (and its moon Gabrielle), even questioning if Pluto is a planet anymore, I suggest we consider the timing and another effect of this planet's discovery.

14000 Day Generation and Rapture on Rosh HaShanah, 2005? True or False?

Heard this one yet? Step right up and test your discernment on the latest Bible prophecy rapture date speculation making the rounds, the 14000 day generation pointing to rapture on "Rosh Hashanah" in 2005. Also is a 360 day year nonscriptural?...

Why The Beast/Antichrist And The False Prophet Enter The Lake of Fire First

Have you ever noticed that all the wicked go to the Lake of the Fire after the Millennium but the Beast and False Prophet go in before the Millennium? Why the inconsistency? The answer is not for weak-hearted.

The Days of Noah? One Taken...One Left? Which one is the Righteous?

Talk about the "difficult words of Jesus"? Some are so difficult that people come to opposite conclusions on what he was saying. Case in point, some say "one who shall be taken" is Righteous, and some say the "one who shall be left" is the Righteous. Find out whether you should be "taken" or "left" according to Jesus.

Who Are The 24 Elders And When Did They Get To Heaven?

Are the 24 elders men or angels? Were they in heaven at the First Century or at the "pre-trib rapture"? If they really are 24 men, then how and when did they get there?

616 or 666: Which Is the Real Number of the Beast?

Some interesting thoughts to help you discern whether the recent claim that 616 is the real number of the beast (instead of 666) is something you should take seriously yet.

Dream: Will America's Next 9-11 Attack be on the West Coast?

Michael Bodea, Romanian prophet Dumitru Duduman's grandson, had a dream that seems to indicate that America's next 9-11 will be on the West Coast..with the next attack being fatal.

Is Pope Benedict / Ratzinger The False Prophet?

He is pope #111 of Malachy's prophecy of either 111 or 112 total popes (depending on which list you trust).  Everyone is wondering if he is the last or second to last...but is that the right question to ask?

Answers To Objections for The Aviv Biblical Calendar

Why some people are observing God's Feast Days of Leviticus 23 one month earlier in 2005 than the Jewish Calendar says.

Do You Rest on the Wrong Day?

You may have heard about the Lunar Sabbath / Lunar Shabbat teaching that says the traditional Friday night/Saturday Sabbath is an error that began in Babylon, rather than from the Bible. Is the true rest day reckoned according to the lunar month on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th? How can you be sure? What about all the supposed evidence they have?...

The Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami from a Biblical End Times Perspective

Was the Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami From God? What Does the Bible Say? Regardless, God Did Allow It. But Why? How to be Safe from any "Flood Waters." Also find out, Why do I charge for my research?

Who will fulfill Matthew 24:14?

Are angels going to preach the gospel as a witness to all the world before the end comes or are men?  Why is it only "as a witness"? ...

No Man Knows the Day or Hour

...right? People think the phrase "No man knows the day or the hour" means we cannot know the year and even the month of the Jesus's return to reign.  Is this what it really means?

360 Day Year and 30 Day Month...Again?

3˝ years of 1260 days and 42 months literally means a 360/30 calendar...surely Revelation means something else?(translation: Book of Revelations) No, the more I study the Book of Revelation, the more I realize it means what it says and not something else disconnected from its plain reading, such as a "prophetic calendar"...

Who is Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17-18?

Does America really fit Revelation 17 and 18?  Do we need to only spiritually "come out of Babylon"? This is not Daniel's Babylon!

Bible Verses

I had planned writing a new Bible verse finding utility for personal use that I would share here, but I do not know when I'll have the time. For now check out this other instant verse popup utility I wrote, called Instaverse. Use it to find Revelation Bible quotes.

Prophecy End Times Films

The Exodus Movie is a film about one of the greatest discoveries of the end times, the dead sea crossing including artifacts that appear to be chariot wheels of Pharoah's drowned army.

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Did not find your question answered here?

Try searching the site (below) or your question or article suggestion. We now have End Times message boards that contain more information as well. Access comes with my book.

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